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Please be aware of all registration deadlines for Gilman Sports summer programs. Camp deadlines annually include December 31st, March 31st, June 1st. Open programs will list a base price, camp deadline and late fee. Please ask Todd about closed programs and private bookings and if any additional fees apply at time of registration

Travel Camp June 27 - July 1 and July 21 - 24 is FULL SUS only ... Travel Camp in all inclusive with Lift Access for (1) day guaranteed

All bikes must be approved by the Gilman Staff. All bikes must have "Disc" brakes and and some type of suspension. You will be asked to submit pictures of your child's mountain bike in order to validate the camp registration. For Travel Camp; all riders must be on FULL SUSPENSION Bikes without exception. Absolutely no outdated bikes with twist shifting and rim brakes are allowed into the program. All riders must have thier own helmets. Acceptance into the program for summer camp is all about safety. If your child's bike is not safe; then please don't attemp to register them without consulting the Gilman Staff.