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On July 13th, 1996 ..... Todd Gilman launched Gilman Lacrosse which grew into North America's Premier Lacrosse Program for over a decade .... then Todd concentrated on adventure education launching the Trail & Wilderness program in 2010 followed by the Adrenaline Mountainbike program in 2013. Todd was looking to truly find a niche once more when he designed and launched his most popular program; High Tide Island Adventures in late July of 2014.

After some time; Gilman started referring to his trio of adventure camps as his "Dirt Camps" because the activities that Boat, Mountain biking and Trail Camps incorporate are very much based off of his childhood activities growing up in Wilton and coming home dirty from an afternoon of adventures with friends.

Todd would say that his goal is to give the campers the "times of thier lives" and at the same time give the parent's the most "bang for thier buck!" Gilman has held true to this standard holding his camps to limited enrollment to ensure small groups while holding fees the same for over a decade.

This summer on July 13th, 2023 ..... Todd and his camps are another year older. Some would say "we just don't know how Todd will mark this milestone; but we can guarantee that he will most likely start his day off with an early run with his doggo followed by a day session of Boat Camp and then an afternoon session of Bike/Boat Camp and possibly a Lacrosse-Dance Party session with a little four square to end the day.... ....... Come Join Us in 2023 ..... registration is now open!"